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The effectiveness of SafeZone at slowing traffic was first established in RTA trials in 2007. Its performance was consistent9or better than) results witnessed in other trials around the world.

Most recently, its effectiveness was witnessed by a group attending the opening, on August 23rd, 2010, of one of an inital 13 sites in Tasmania. Attended by the Tasmanian Minister for Infrastructure, Lara Giddings, attendees saw first-hand how drivers on a 100kph section of country road rapidly slowed to under 40kph well in advance of the unguarded (ie site without boom gates) rail crossing at Tea Tree, north of Hobart, even before seeing the crossing itself or the wigwags (flashing lights) at the crossing, which were obscured by hilly terrain on this winding section of road.

Title Date

Tasmanian Government Media Release re TasRail implementation

24 August 2010

Better education vs better warnings

29 May 2009

Illuminated Signs, Demerit Points & School Zone Safety

12 March 2009

Human Behaviour Key to Rail Level Crossing Safety

22 February 2009

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