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SafeZone FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

During the development of SafeZone, we have been asked many questions repeatedly. No doubt with the launch of this website, we'll have even more frequently asked questions. The intent of this page is to answer as many of the most commonly asked questions, to help you better understand what SafeZone is all about.

Q: Is SafeZone intended to be replace existing road-side speed limit or other advisory signs?

No. Speed advisory signs are required by law to advise drivers of the existence of a School Zone, Railway Crossing, Pedestrian Crossing (etc) and the speed limits in force in that area. SafeZone was not designed to replace these signs, but to inform drivers more effectively that they are in a zone requiring that they SLOW DOWN AND STOP. It simply supplements these primary signs and creates an enhanced, localised warning to ensure these otehrs signs are acknowledged and acted on.


Q: Could SafeZone be used in place of flashing roadside speed signs?

Yes, although this is up to the road authority deploying the warning systems. Because SafeZone is intended as a supplementary system, as are the road-side or over-road flashing speed signs you might have seen (as distinct from the painted pole mounted signs at the start and finish of every School Zone in NSW), it could be used in place of flashing speed markers or other advisory systems. 


Q: Why use storage batteries for the in-road lights, rather than solar cells?

Current commercially-viable technology solar panels are too brittle for in-road use, and do not produce enough power for the SafeZone lights (given the size of the light) to permit their use. The latest generation of storage cells provide a solution that allows them to operate for several hours a day, for a number of years, before they need replacing. However, the road-side controller system can be fitted with solar panels, provided there is adequate sunlight where they are situated.


Q: Are SafeZone in-road lights a hazard for motorcycle or bicycle riders?

No. Road testing confirms that their low profile, gradually sloping faces (leading and trailing) and anti-skid surface are not a hazard. 









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