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Wireless Automated Track Worker Safety ('ATWS') System 

The SafeZone 'ATWS' (Automated Track Worker Safety) System is a modular, portable, wirelessly controlled warning solution for track workers operating on or near active rail corridors. It delivers easily seen AND heard warnings that a train is approaching the work zone.

ATWS is essentially a portable, modular warning system that incorporates:

  • tripod-mounted, or track sleeper mounted, train detection radar units
  • tripod-mounted warning sirens and flashing warning beacon units
  • wearable and vehicle mounted audio warning (buzzer) units

Detection units are located at either end of the work zone so as to be able to detect trains well in advance of them entering the safe zone where any work crew is operating. Warning units are then placed along the rail corridor (generally no closer than 3 metres from the track itself) as required. Once activated, the system automatically establishes a wireless network and signals a command unit that all devices are in range and operational.

Once set up and if activated, the networked devices deliver loud, distinct, easily understood audio warnings, combined with highly visible flashing light warnings, as well as personal wearable and in-vehicle alerts (via optional wearable devices).

Trains entering the work zone trigger the warning system, which is only deactivated once the train is detected as having left the work zone. All Clear signals are then sounded to advise that the work site is safe to re-enter.

Activation and deactivation signals are sent via a secure (encrypted) wireless signal, with these signals being repeated by any siren/light node in the network. This ensures all other alert devices receive those signals. It also means that ATWS System can be configured to cover almost any length of track, simply by adding warning nodes to repeat the signals.

With no one component weighing more than 15 kilograms, a complete system is very easily transported onto site and assembled.


  • speedier installation than traditional hard-wired systems
  • modular approach allows customisation to suit site-specific needs
  • overall lower cost

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