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WiWAGs - Wireless Railway Crossing WigWags

Low cost Wigwags are now a reality!

SafeZone WiWAGs (Wireless WigWags) are deployed in the same way as other AAWSs (eg RX-11 type advance signs), except that they are located at the railway crossing, rather than in advance of it. As such, they fulfil the role of RX-5 type signs, however, they are wirelessly activated and battery powered, so require no external power or control cables.

This makes WiWAGs ideal for deployment in remote areas where access to mains power is not easy, and where there is no extant  train detection system.

WiWAGs can be deployed alone or in conjunction with IRADs and AAWSs.


  • by a wireless ADC as part of a larger warning network (eg railway crossing warning system)
  • directly by a wireless detection radar


  • at a railway  level  crossing, as an 'Active RX-5' type sign

SafeZone solutions incorporating WiWAGs:

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