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AAWSs  - 'Active Advance Warning Signs'

Flashing beacon units to make 'passive' signs 'active'. 

AAWSs are primarily designed to deliver advance warnings to drivers approaching a danger point, advising them to slow down and stop; or modify their behaviour in some other way.

When deployed in advance of a railway crossing (eg 300-400 metres before), they fulfill the requirements of an active RX-11 type sign.

AAWSs not only designed to be more easily seen than passive (ie unlit) signs, they're designed to be more easily deployed and at a lower cost than other active systems. Whether as part of a new installation, or as an upgrade to existing passive (unlit) warning sign installation, AAWSs deliver wireless connectivity and wireless control to a multitude of applications.

When used as part of a road singallign treatment, they're generally supplied as mated pairs, comprising:

  • a wireless control unit
  • bright flashing LED beacon unit with a pair of LED lights
  • a solar charging system and rechargeable lead acid gel batteries

The beacons supplied with the control hardware are generally 100mm diameter red or amber LED strobes, supplied in pairs that are programmed to flash alternately when activated.

Once installed and activated, the wireless control system automatically connects to its local wireless network, and interacts with other control, warning and detection systems in that security keyed network, as per that network's control logic.


  • by a wireless ADC as part of a larger warning network (eg railway crossing warning system)
  • directly by a wireless detection radar, or other automated device such as a pedestrian pressure mats, inrfa-red beams, etc

Typical applications:

  • in advance of a railway  level  crossing, as an 'Active RX-11' type sign
  • at a railway level crossing, as an 'Active RX-5' type sign 
  • on the approaches to a pedestrian crossing (alone or as part of a PANDA Crossing system) 
  • on the approaches to road 'black spots'
  • at vehicle entries/exits
  • on temporary work sites (eg to warn pedestrians of trucks entering a site workshop)

SafeZone solutions incorporating AAWS:

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