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WiSPAD - Wireless Railway SPAD Warning Lights 

Make SPAD systems more effective with on-track warning lights.

The SafeZone WiSPAD ('Wireless Signal Past At Danger) Warning Lights are a variant of the IRAD in-pavement beacon. They are intended as a supplementary warning device in existing SPAD systems.

Able to be activated by existing track signalling systems, or via supplementary track-side or on-track Wireless Detection Radar devices, their benefit is derived from placing the warning beacons on the track, in the loco driver's line of sight. This means WiSPAD lights are more likely to be seen in areas where visibility is impaired (eg due to incident angle of sunlight) or there are obstructions or other factors (such as speed limits in a zone) that make track-side lights more difficult to see than normal.

Like IRADs, WiSPAD beacons are battery powered and radio controlled.  This translates to lower up-front purchase and installation costs, and faster deployment times. The mounting bracket developed for the WiSPAD lights means each light can be fitted to either timber or concrete sleepers in under 15 minutes. This means less track closure times and less disruption to scheduled services.

Alternately, WiSPAD beacons could be embedded in pre-cast sleepers as part of new track works. The mounting sleeve concept means that the light can be removed for replacement if damaged, or if the batteries need replacing, without having to remove the installed sleeper bracket.


  • by a wireless ADC as part of a larger warning network
  • ADC activation signals can be from existing track singalling systems, or a Wireless Detection Radar that activates the beacons if a train enters a zone where the track-side SPAD lights are set to red (stop)  


  • supplementary SPAD warning systems

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