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WiLERT - 'Wireless Alert' Beacon System Overview

Wireless warning beacons for premises safety applications

The WiLERT 'Wireless Alert' Beacon System is a 'wirelessly' networked, 'wirelessly' activated system comprising flashing warning beacons and wireless activation devices.

It's designed to make enhancing premises occupant safety a great deal easier because an installed system requires little or no power cable (depending on other devices forming part of the system) and no control cabling.

WiLERT Beacons are omni-directional and are generally installed between one and three metres above ground height, where they're more easily seen. This can include installation on walls, bollards or even on moving infrastructure such as overhead gantries or cranes on fixed tracks.

WiLERT Beacons are generally supplied with AMBER or RED (standard) LEDs; blue or green LEDs are also available if preferred. Once installed, they're activated in one of two ways:

  • Manually - via hand held remote controls or wall mounted wireless remote control panels; and/or
  • Automatically - via devices such as IR photo beams, vehicle detection radar, or pressure pads (either hard-wired into the network or 'wireless enabled')

Turning them off is as simple as turning them on: just push a button, and any beacon in the security coded wireless network simply turns off. Optionally, fixed devices such as infra-red (IR) beams can be used to turn the beacons off (eg as a vehicle passes an exit point), or by a pre-set time-out function.

Because the WiLERT System uses an encrypted (security coded) signal, multiple WiLERT networks can be created adjacent to one another, simply by using a different 'security key' for each system.

If that wasn't enough, because the beacons are battery powered, and the repeaters have battery back-up (and optional solar charging modules), a system will remain functional even in a mains power blackout.

Now that's flexibility, scalability and adaptability you simply won't find anywhere else!


  • bright, easily seen flashing/spinning warning lights make hazards more obvious than static signs
  • wireless design means speedier installation (compared to hard-wired beacons) and dramatically lower costs of ownership
  • scalable: add beacons as required; or add additional activation devices
  • flexible: place beacons where they're needed, or move them as required
  • modular approach allows customised solutions to be created from off-the-shelf components
  • long life batteries easily replaced/recharged
  • View the  WiLERT Capability Overview Brochure

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