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IRADs - 'In-Road Alert Devices

Wireless Warning Beacons for in-ground applications

IRADs (In-Road Alert Devices) are designed for in-pavement installation, specifically roads or pedestrian forecourts. Tough enough to withstand being driven over by cars and trucks, they're a directional, ultra-bright, flashing beacon designed primarily to warn drivers that they are approaching a hazard.

Being wirelessly controlled and  battery-powered, they can be installed into paved surfaces without the need for external control or power cable. Installation requires a core drilled hole approximately 12cm wide by 15cm deep. They're then epoxied into place, with their LEDs facing on-coming traffic.

Once lowered into place, the collar of the domed head keeps the dome level with the surrounding surface. The IP67 rated (fully waterproofed) housings enclose multiple long-life (4 year-plus duty cycle) Lithium Ion storage cells, a highly sensitive integrated antenna, and a uni-directional array of 14 ultra-bright flashing LEDs. LEDs are supplied in AMBER as standard, though other colours, including red and white, can be provided.

IRADs are generally installed in the ground:

  • across the path of traffic (eg across a carpark exit or a pedestrian crossing); and/or
  • with the flow of traffic (eg every few metres down road lane markers)

By positioning them as required, IRADs make a hazard easier to see on approach, providing a consistent reminder throughout the approach zone (optionally marked by an AAWS - Advance warning Sign - at the start) of the danger ahead.  IRADs are therefore ideal supplementary warning devices for a multitude of applications, such as:

  • defining restricted areas
  • defining emergency exit pathways in an evacuation
  • warning pedestrians entering a factory or distribution centre that vehicles are active in the area ahead (eg around a blind corner
  • warning drivers they are approaching an active railway crossing (visit the SafeZone website to see more about this application - link to this site is below and to the right) or other moving hazard (eg a mobile crane on a dock)

IRADs are designed to withstand years of heavy traffic. They're not, however, recommended for use in areas where they might be driven over by forklifts or mobile gantries, or any small wheeled vehicle with a high centre of gravity, or that is carrying an unstable load. WiLERT Beacons are more suitable for these applications.


  • Wirelessly activated, battery powered in-pavement flashing beacons can be positioned in a path or road wherever they're needed, such that they are more easily seen than road-side signs
  • No external power cable makes it far cheaper to install, including locations where there is no access to mains power
  • Ultra-bright flashing LEDs make it easier to see than lower output solar powered devices
  • Rated for use in roadways, as stand no higher above tarmac surface than a cats-eye
  • Expandable: add IRADs to an installed system at any time
  • Can be added to existing static/unlit signs as a supplementary warning device

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