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PANDA Beacons - Active warnings for Pedestrian Crossings

Make pedestrian crossings safer. Make them PANDA Crossings.

The PANDA (Pedestrian And Driver Alert) System is a modular approach to delivering more effective advance visual (flashing light) warnings for drivers approaching pedestrian crossings, without the expense of traffic lights.

Being a solar powered and wirelessly controlled solution, it's a simpler and far cheaper approach to improving pedestrian safety. What sets the PANDA Crossing solution apart is that:

  • PANDA Crossings can have optional wireless in-road flashing warning beacons to make the crossing even more easily seen, and
  • they can be activated via a number of manual or automated systems, including timers (eg for opertion during school zone times) or wireless remote controls (for activation by crossing attendants)

The primary PANDA Crossing beacons can be fitted to existing or new pedestrian crossing signs. They feature two bright, alternately flashing LED beacons in an outdoor rated enclosure, that are powered by storage batteries that are charged by a solar panel.

PANDA beacons also include a wireless control system to communicate between their mated pair (one on either side of the road, on the approaches to the crossing). This wireless system also inter-networks with any wireless activation system or wireless in-road warning beacons.

PANDA signs are generally positioned 6-20 metres in advance of a pedestrian  crossing, providing enhanced warnings to drivers well in advance of a crossing.

Key features:

  • Wirelessly networked, solar powered
  • Pole mountable complete kit, including beacons
  • Activated manually or via automated activation systems
  • Fully outdoor rated, weatherproofed enclosure and accessories

Typical applications:

  • pedestrian crossings on public roads
  • private premises crossings, such as on aircraft landing strips, distribution centre loading docks, etc 

Make crossings easier to see. Make them PANDA Crossings!

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  • speedier installation than traditional hard-wired systems
  • modular approach allows customisation to suit site-specific needs
  • overall lower cost - as little as 10% of a traditional traffic light installation, and just as effective
  • expandable: add IRADs or additional AAWSs as required at any time

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