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Wireless Warning Devices

Active Advance Warning Signs (AAWS) 

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Need to place 'active', flashing signs in advance of a danger spot, such as a concealed driveway or a railway level crossing, but the cost and complexity of traditional wired treatments makes it a prohibitive exercise? SafeZone 'Active Advance Warning Signs' might be what you're after.

These solar powered, wirelessly controlled, locally or remotely activated signs are suitable for any application where greater visibility of signs is needed in advance of a danger point.

AAWS modules can be retrofitted to existing signage, or supplied for new installations and make 'passive' (unlit) signs more noticeable.

Active Pedestrian Crossing Signs

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PANDA Crossing

Need to make pedestrian crossings easier to see by placing flashing warning beacons on the approaches? Are traffic lights simply too expensive to deploy?

Then speed deployment times, improve driver awareness and cut costs by making your pedestrian crossing a PANDA Crossing!

The 'PANDA' (Pedestrian And Driver Alert) System is a 21st century approach to a tried and proven methodology, that of placing warnings on the approaches to a potential danger spot that warn approaching drivers of the need to be more alert.

Visibility can be further improved through deployment of IRADs as part of a total PANDA Crossing deployment 9see IRADs below).  

Active Railway Crossing WigWags (WiWAGs) 

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WiWAGs provide the same functionality as active (ie flashing) wigwags at a railway crossing. Because they're wirelessly controlled and solar powered, they can be rapidly deployed to replace passive (unlit) wigwags in remote locations.

Optional siren horns can be fitted to deliver loud 'clanging bell' sounds to mimic traditional electro-mechanical bell sounds typically used at railway crossings (also solar powered).

Designed primarily for crossings where there is no mains power, they can be coupled with wireless train detection radar units to deliver a low cost WigWag solution.

In-Pavement Warning Lights (IRADs) 

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These battery powered, wirelessly controlled, in-pavement flashing beacons can be installed in any application where more obvious warnings need to be delivered. Whether on the approaches to a pedestrian crossing, or a railway level crossing, or even at a carpark exit, they feature 14 ultra-bright flashing LEDs that are easily seen day or night.

Typically used in conjunction with road-side or over-road flashing signs, they have been proven to make these other primary warning signs much more effective.

IRADs require no external connections, so are faster and cheaper to deploy than other in-pavement beacons; plus they're able to deliver far brighter warnings than is possible with solar powered beacons.

Railway SPAD Warning Lights (WiSPAD) 


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WiSPAD warning lights are designed to warn train drivers that they have past a signal set to danger (ie STOP). They are intended as a supplementary SPAD (Signal Past At Danger) system, to be used in conjunction with other SPAD warning systems.

WiSPAD beacons are installed on the railway sleepers, typically adjacent to track-side SPAD signals, so as to reiterate the track-side warnings. By being directly in a driver's line of sight, they are far more readily seen than devices at the side of teh track. 

WiLERT Wireless Alert Beacons

Wireless Warning Beacon System

The WiLERT (Wireless Alert) Beacon is designed for applications where a wall or bollard mounted omni-directional warning light is required. They deliver highly obvious warnings to people in the vicinity of a hazard to be aware of it. Alternately, they can be used to define areas, such as evacuation routes, muster points or 'no go' zones. Because they're wirelessly networked, you can deploy from 1 to 100 - or more!

Being wireless, they're of course far easier and cheaper to install than hard-wired systems. Wireless activation options include remote controls (handheld or wall mount), devices such as IR beams or radar units, or inputs from other systems, such as fire alarms or roller door controls (custom option).

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