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SafeZone - System Overview 

SafeZone is an Australian developed 'active advance visual warning' system. It is designed to reduce the risk of  impacts and near misses in a wide variety of applications, such as those where pedestrians and vehicles interact, or where road and rail interact.

SafeZone comprises a fully integrated suite of:

  • wirelessly networked control and activation devices
  • wirelessly networked above-ground active (ie flashing) warning signs
  • wirelessly networked in-ground active (ie flashing) warning beacons

Because SafeZone warning beacons are solar (for above-ground) or battery powered (for in-ground), as well as wirelessly networked, they don't require external power or control cables. This means they're not only easier and faster to install, they're easier to place where they're needed to be most easily seen.

This ability to place as many active warning beacons as is required to gain optimal effect without incurring a huge cost of installation, combined with flashing patterns that more reliably get noticed, SafeZone's visual warning elements more effectively elicit the required response, ie to make road and rail users SLOW DOWN and (if required) STOP.

To make a SafeZone system ceven more flexible, we can either integrate it with external activation systems (eg existing train detection circuits, or in-road inductive loops), or provide our own wirelessly networked activation systems (eg track-side wireless detection radar units).

This simple, modular approach to creating visual warning systems that get noticed is further enhanced because it's:

  • a faster solution to install than traditional hard-wired warning systems
  • far less complex, therefore less prone to failure and far easier to repair if a failure occurs
  • easier to expand or modify because all elements are wirelessly networked
  • a far lower cost solution to own, deploy and maintain

So, whether you simply need to upgrade an existing 'passive' (unlit) sign to an 'active' sign with flashing beacons, or need to create a completely new warning solution for a high risk application, SafeZone's flexible, modular architecture and fully integrated suite of control, activation and warning devices delivers benefits you simply won't find with other visual warning solutions.

SafeZone is ideal as the primary warning system for:

It's also a highly effective supplementary system for:

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