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SafeZone - Flexibility

SafeZone a simple, modular, scalable approach to improving safety outcomes, beause it's a wireless system that allows you to place warning lights where they're most easily seen. You then simply network them, and add monitoring and activation options as required. 

The beauty of implementing a SafeZone solution is that it is:

  • highly modular, making it very adaptable
  • 100% wireless, making it easier and cheaper to install and maintain
  • scalable, making it easily upgraded or reconfigured as needs change
  • a visual solution designed to be more easily seen well in advance of a danger zone
  • intelligent, so can be either remotely controlled, or implemented as an automated stand alone system

Implementing a SafeZone solution is a bit like creating a WiFi network. Install the base system now, then add other devices at a later date as needs change.

Best of all, it's highly effective at getting noticed, but does it at a lower cost than traditional hard-wired solutions!

  • A secure (encrypted) wireless communications system 
  • Wireless (vehicle) detection, wireless network control & wireless warning beacon elements
  • Programmable flash cycles
  • Automated (local) or remote activation and monitoring capabilities
  • Redundant systems in the event of major component failure
  • Programmable 'fail to safe' functions

The wireless networking system at the heart of SafeZone makes It highly robust in its operation as well as makes a system very simple to design and install.

What makes SafeZone so effective is the unique flashing pattern that makes the road-side and in-road beacons more easily seen and more likely to be paid attention to. The fact that these flash patterns are programmable allows even greater flexibility.

It's this combination of high levels of flexibility, durability and redundancy, plus highly effective flash patterns, plus low costs of ownership, that really sets 'SafeZone' apart.

In fact, when it comes to flexibility, effectiveness and value for money, 'SafeZone' is hard to beat.

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SafeZone Solutions: innovative, wireless Advance Visual Warning Solutions

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