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SafeZone - Features & Benefits

Very simply, SafeZone's flexibility is due to:

  • its wireless control system
  • its modular, scalable system architecture
  • its lack of external control and power cabling
  • its 'smart' features

This means SafeZone:

  • can be installed in locations hard-wired or solar powered lights canít be
  • is able to be adapted to a wider range of applications
  • requires minimal installer training
  • is able to be remotely monitored and controlled
  • is highly robust

What sets SafeZone apart is that:

  • it is, therefore, typically a far lower cost system to buy, deploy and maintain than traditional hard-wired systems
  • it is typically a far faster system to deploy, regardless of the type of application or environment, when compared to traditional hard-wired systems
  • it typically requires a lower skill set to install, commission and maintain than many other hard-wired solutions
  • with the exception of in-pavement beacons, all activation, control and warning devices can be located outside road and rail corridors, meaning that installation, servicing and repairs do not generally require rail or road closures

And because it's the product of a technology company with more than two decades experience designing and deploying world-class control solutions, we're well able to engage with your engineering or infrastructure people to resolve how to integrate a SafeZone solution with existing or proposed road or rail control and management systems supplied by others.



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