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Custom Wireless Warning Solutions

SafeZone's modular, wireless architecture makes it easily adapted to a wide range of applications.

Better still, while SafeZone is primarily a visual warning system, it includes audio (siren) warning devices as well as personal wearable (vibrating) devices, meaning an even wider range of situations can be addressed other than just alerts for drivers in road-based applications.

Examples of where SafeZone can be used to heighten awareness of a hazard through the use of wirelessly controlled flashing beacons, warning sirens and other devices include:

  • Warehouses and factories
    • warnings to pedestrians in areas where forklifts, mobile cranes and other vehicles are periodically active
    • warnings to vehicle operators that pedestrians have entered a vehicular traffic zone
  • Mine sites
    • warnings to site personal that an area is restricted due to, eg, blastingss

For more ideas as to where and how SafeZone can be used, explore the Applications section.


Click the schematic above to see a how
SafeZone can be deployed to deliver
safety improvements in a warehouse
or factory application.


  • Factories
  • Warehouses
  • Distribution Centres
  • Mine sites



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