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Network Control - Alert Device Controller (ADC)

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Alert Device Controllers 

The SafeZone ADC provides the over-arching control logic for SafeZone installations comprised of multiple warning devices. For example, in a railway crossing aspplication, they receive input signals from train detection radar (or other electro-mechanical detection) systems and control any road-side or in-road warning beacons. they also receive status data from these input and output devices, which can be accessed remotely via cellular modem.

They are not necessary in smaller installations where only a single warning device (eg an Active Advance Warning Sign) is required (or a pair of PANDA pedestrian crossing signs is required), as these devices can be directly activated by manual or automated systems. 

Network Activation - Vehicle Detection Radar

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Vehicle Detection Radar

These devices are a modular, wireless, solar powered option for detecting rail or road vehicles and activating a SafeZone installation (generally via an ADC).

Pole or building mountable, they can be installed as single units (eg to detect cars leaving a carpark) or in networked arrays (eg to detect trains approaching and exiting a railway level crossing.

When part of a more complex installation (such as a railway crossing), ADCs provide the logic required to interpret the sequence of signals from the radar units to ensure correct wireless signal operation.

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