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Network Alert Device Controller

SafeZone Alert Device Controllers (ACDs) are a low cost, compact, pole-mounted (or alternately, building-mounted) wireless network control system.

They contain the over-arching network logic, as well as fail-to-safe logic, required to integrate the various elements used in any SafeZone wireless warning system. 

What road and rail engineers immediately notice is that the functionality we deliver in a compact, pole-mounted, weatherprrof enclosure, is not dissimilar to the control functions provided for electro-mechanical warning and signalling systems (such as track detection circuits and wigwags), yet the hardware occupies a fraction of the space.

This concept means we can deploy a complex warning system, with network controls, fail-to-safe logic, remote management and event logging at a fraction of teh cost of a pedestal mounted, mains powered control system.


ADCs can be a stand-alone unit, connected to the SafeZone warning system they control via wireless repeater; or they can be integrated into other warning device enclosures, such as WiWAG assemblies or PANDA beacon units.

ADCs controlling railway crossing systems have been in service for two years (as of January 2012) and have proven themselves highly reliable, as well as very easy to install and maintain.

If you're not a traffic control systems engineer or familiar with the large, complex, expensive, mains-powered control systems traditionally associated with traffic singalling systems (see the image at the right for a 'traditional' pedestal based control system), then the advantages of SafeZone's  compact control electronics is immediately obvious.

Key features:

  • Wirelessly networked, solar powered
  • Pole or wall mountable
  • Programmable to address application-specific needs and fail-to-safe requirements
  • Fully outdoor rated, weatherproofed enclosures and accessories

Typical applications:

  • railway crossings
  • road 'black spots'
  • any SafeZone wireless warning network with multiple detection and warning devices where more complex network logic and fail-to-safe functionality is required

Click the image above to see larger version of a typical pole-mounted SafeZone ADC installation.

Then compare the solar powered, pole-mounted ADC above, with a 'traditional'  set of mains-powered signal control boxes, below. 

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