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Vehicular Exits

Car park exits in built-up areas (eg city centres, shopping precincts, etc) can be problematic where pedestrians simply don't have enough advance warning of vehicles crossing footpaths.

Audible warning systems such as sirens and buzzers can be missed, either due to high ambient noise levels or where pedestrians are using personal audio devices. Visual warning beacons can, therefore, deliver more noticeable alerts. 

A SafeZone solution allows those visual alert devices to be more easily placed, where they're more likely to be seen.

Optional wirelessly networked activation mechanisms such as pressure pads,  inductive loops or vehicle detection radar can be incorporated to create highly effective and extremely cost effective solutions for a wide range of scenarios.

SafeZone can also be applied to:

  • fire & ambulance station exits
  • concealed driveways

Click the schematic above to see a how
SafeZone can be deployed to deliver
safety improvements in a typical
vehicular exit application.

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