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Just as SafeZone warns drivers that a pedestrian crossing is in use, so too it can be used to warn of drivers that a tram is about to stop and commuters are about to alight. By placing the SafeZone in-road beacons (IRADs) in the road between the tram line and the adjacent footpath, drivers travelling behind the tram (and optionally approaching in the opposite direction) can be advised in a timely manner that the tram is coming to a stop and that commuters will be crossing the road.

Activated by the tram driver in advance of a stop or automatically via a tram detection system, SafeZone beacons deliver a cost effective and highly visible warning solution.When coupled with optional roadside flashing lights, that can be provided as a retrofittable unit, or supplied as part of a new sign installation, SafeZone can be rapidly deployed with minimal disruption to traffic, and little if any disruption to scheduled tram services.

Click the schematic above to see a how
SafeZone can be deployed to deliver
safety improvements in a typical
tram stop application.

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