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Pedestrian Crossings

Any pedestrian crossing that suffers from limited visibility on the approaches, or where the crossing is on a higher speed section of raodway, can be treated relatively quickly and inexpensively using the purpose-designed SafeZone PANDA System.

The PANDA System offers an outstanding alternative to traffic lights or other hard wired warning treatments. It's been designed with schools, local councils and communities with tight budgets in mind, where rapid deployments are needed to quickly address community safety issues.

A range of activation options make PANDA a highly flexible and adapable solutions. Whether using an automated activation system (eg pedestrian pressure detection pads that activate the system when pedestrians approach the crossing), timer system (eg that activates the lights during school zone hours) or a manual activation systems (eg wireless remote controls), the SafeZone PANDA System is a desirable addition to every town planner's, council's or road authority's arsenal of safety improvement solutions.

Click the schematic above to see a how
SafeZone can be deployed to deliver
safety improvements in a typical
pedestrian crossing application.

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