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Anywhere that the movement of vehicles such as forklifts, trucks, cranes or moving gantries can create a hazard to pedestrians or other vehicles, or anywhere that incidents are more likely to occur due to restricted visibility or high ambient noise levels, SafeZone's wirelessly networked and wirelessly activated visual warning beacons deliver flexible options for site safety and facilties managers.

Roadisde applications:

We supply custom designed Active Advance Warning Signs (AAWS) that can be deployed quickly and activated via a number of manual orautomated mechanisms.

In-road or in-pavement applications:

IRADs - the only in-pavement, batery powered, radio controlled, ultra-bright flashing warning beacon on the market - can be installed relatively quickly, and for far less than hard-wired lights.

Premises applications:

In factories, warehouses or distribution centres, wherever moving vehicles pose a hazard, WiLERT - our newly released wireless alert beacon system - might be the ticket. It allows a networked warning beacon solution to be created relatively quickly, with beacons able to be installed on walls or on bollards where they're needed. Unlike IRADs, which are installed in the ground, WiLERT beacons are simply attached using screws or bolts,which means no core drilling holes into the ground.

Click the schematics to see examples of how
SafeZone can be deployed to deliver
safety improvements in a range of
warehousing and distribution applications.


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