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SafeZone is a brand of Inventis Technology's 'Wireless Warning Solutions' competency groupWe design and manufacture innovative 'active advance visual warning' solutions that draw on more than 25 years of experience in creating control and safety solutions for commercial, industrial, emergency services and defence  applications.

Overview of our business

Wireless 'Advance Visual Warning' Solutions

Our wireless warning systems deliver the alerts that make railway level crossings, pedestrian crossings,  school zones, distribution centres, rail marshalling yards, or any other zone where road and rail users, or road users and pedestrians interact, safer. See for yourself how effective, flexible and affordable our solutions can be.

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Creating low cost Railway Crossing Solutions
Creating low cost Pedestrian Crossing Solutions
 Creating low cost Premises Warning Systems

Making factories and warehouses safer

Many companies asked us for a low cost, wirelessly networked warning beacon system they could deploy in factories, loading docks, etc. But what they wanted was a lower cost beacon that could be wall or bollard mounted AND that was part of a system that was simple enough to design and deploy themselves. Thus was born WiLERT.

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 WiLERT 'Wireless Alert' Beacons

SafeZone Solutions: innovative, wireless Advance Visual Warning Solutions

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